Call for Papers - Tutorials

Important dates

Tutorial Proposal Due: July 15, 2015 [Passed]
Notification: August 1, 2015 [Passed]

Proposals for quarter day, half a day and full day tutorials are welcome.
The proposals for tutorials should address these issues:

  1. Topic: Title of the tutorial, overview of the tutorial.
  2. Audience: Assumptions about the background of the attendees. Explain why the topic would be of interest for the software reliability community.
  3. Takeaways: What will the students/attendees learn, and what are the benefits to their job?
  4. Track Record: Instructor(s) experience, with an emphasis on the appropriateness to present the tutorial.

Instructors will benefit from a free registration to ISSRE
Format: PDF, Word and compatible file formats are acceptable. The maximum length of a tutorial proposal is 2 pages.

Submit Procedure: send an email to Phil Laplante with the proposal attached. In the subject of the email make sure to include the label [ISSRETutorial2015].