Fast Abstract 2015


Fast Abstract Session #1: 11:00 - 12:30

Chair: Shiuhpyng Shieh

  1. Analyzing the Reduction of Test Suite Redundancy by Ingo Pill, Seema Jehan, and Franz Wotawa
  2. Genetic Algorithm-based Test Generation for Software Product Line by Xuelin Li, Eric Wong, Linghuan Hu, Ruizhi Gao, and Shigeru Hosono
  3. Conditional Slicing: Reducing Dynamic Slices by Birgit Hofer, Georg Hinteregger, and Franz Wotawa
  4. S-CBAC: A Secure Access Control Model Supporting Group Access for Internet of Things by Borting Chen, Yu-Lun Huang, and Mesut Güneş
  5. UML Consistency Rules in Technical Books by Damiano Torre, Yvan Labiche, Marcela Genero, and Maged Elaasar
  6. Getting more in less: The power of single/error annotations in category partition by Sunint Khalsa and Yvan Labiche