Industry Track 2015

Industry session: Static Analysis and Formal Methods

Chair: Ram Chillarege

Static Analysis of Physical Properties in Simulink Models by Hocking, Aiello, and Knight

Test Suites for Benchmarks of Static Analysis Tools by Shiraishi, Mohan, and Marimuthu

Formal Methods for Informal Developpers A case-study driven by the French defense agency (DGA) by Ochem, Perlade

Industry session: Reliability and availability models and methods

Chair: Ram Chillarege

Optimizing Resiliency of Distributed Video Surveillance System for Safer City by Machida, Fujiwaka, Koizumi, and Kimura

Upgrade of the IaaS Cloud: Issues and Potential Solutions in the Context of High-Availability by Nabi, Khendek, and Toeroe

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Control Message Classification, Verification, and Optimization System by Zhu, Song, Park, and Choi

Automated Generation of Failure Modes and Effectks Analysis for a Medical Device by Hecht, Nguyen, Chuidian, and Pinchak

Industry session: Invited Talks

Chair: Pat Morrison

Profiling a product - using its history, to guide Development and Test by Ram Chillarege

Software Quality and Reliability Modeling: Improving Customer Experience through Analytics by Sunita Chulani

Industry session: Growth Models

Chair: Allen Wei

Countdown Graph: Estimating Completion of Testing by Rotella, Land, Moshref, and Chulani

Detection of Unexpected Situations by Applying Software Reliability Growth Model to Test Phases  by Honda, Washizaki, Fukazawa, Munakata, Morita, Uehara, and Yamamoto

Resource/Schedule/Content Model: Improving Testing Effectiveness by Rotella, Chulani, and Intintolo

Industry session: Panel Industry

Chair: Sunita Chulani

Panelists: Ram Chillarege, Brendan Murphy, Tukaram Muske, Allen Wei

Industry session: Formal Methods and Tools

Chair: Sunita Chulani

Integrating Formal Methods with Testing for Reliability Estimation of Component Based Systems by Lohar and Dey

A Fault Injection Description Language for Compiler-based Tools by Aliabadi, Pattabiraman, and Bidokhti

C-SEC (Cyber SCADA Evaluation Capability): Securing Critical Infrastructures by Romero-Mariona, Kline

Industry session: Operational analysis and workflow

Chair: Sunita Chulani

Operational Softwarized Networks Reliability Management by Song and Zhu

Knowledge Transition: Discovering Workflow Models from Functional Tests by Shah, Khadke, Rana

Effective management of work in a geographically dispersed team using Tasks in Agile methodology by Krishnan, Kovvuri, and Balasubramani